10 Years of Celebrating You

10 Years of Celebrating You

REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry turns 10!

When I founded REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry a decade ago, I had a dream: this, my fourth jewelry company, would be about more than jewelry. It would be about the women who wear that jewelry. Now, as we mark REALM's 10th Anniversary, I am so proud to share that this has dream has become reality. Because this occasion is more than a company milestone, it's 10 years of celebrating YOU.

You are truly the heart of all we do at REALM. Your curves inspire our sculptural styles. Your passions inspire our collection symbolism. You (our customers, not professional models) star in our campaigns. You have shared REALM with friends and family, growing this brand through word of mouth (not advertising). 

As we look toward to the next 10 years, I hope that you will continue to celebrate all that you are with REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry. I thank you with all my heart for your love and support.

 Ann King Lagos signature

Ann King Lagos
Founder + Designer

ABOVE: Real Woman of REALM Sophia Lee joins Ann at an event celebrating women leaders.


10 Years of Celebrating YOU

Your curves inspired the sculptural shape of this python collar in 18K Gold Vermeil

Your curves inspire our sculptural styles.

Every piece of our jewelry is a sensuous interpretation of a woman's body. Find out more about Ann's inspiration and design process in this story about DOMAIN, the Collection that launched REALM. ABOVE: the dramatic, sculptural curves of our Python Collar... inspired by you.

"I love REALM because it celebrates
the beauty in things that touch
your skin and touch your soul."

— Richelle P.
Black and gold horoscope showing the style and symbolism of REALM's 8 iconic collections

Your passions inspire our collection symbolism.

Find Your Symbol: Explore REALM's 8 iconic Collections of gorgeous jewelry with beautiful meaning.



"The jewelry is beautiful and a joy to wear,
but what I really love about REALM
is the meaning behind each design.
It's more than jewelry: it’s empowering,
and that is the true beauty."

— Vanda T.
Meet the Real Women of REALM

Celebrate all that you are with REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry.

Princess? Queen? No... we believe you are an Empress. Find out why, get to know the women (customers like you) who star in our campaigns, plus share your own unique style with the links below.

"As a fulltime mom and business owner,
I love the way REALM makes me feel.
Whether on an appointment with a client
or enjoying time with my daughter,
REALM jewelry makes me feel
like a million dollars."

— Lara E.