REALM Founder + Designer Ann King Lagos and her daughter Kate wear jewelry from the INSIGNIA collection

Get to Know: INSIGNIA

REALM is about more than jewelry. We're about the women who wear our jewelry. Each of our 8 Iconic Collections celebrates a facet of women’s lives. Here, in the latest installment of our on-going series, we share with you the inspiration, design and meaning of a new classic: the INSIGNIA collection.

insignia | ĭn-sĭg′nē-ə | noun
a badge of authority or honor
(the official signs of rank, titles or awards)
The REALM iconic symbol for 
INSIGNIA Collage with jewelry, icon, Ann King Lagos and her daughter Kate

INSIGNIA celebrates our most powerful bond: family. From the unity of family comes love and the strength to soar. As individuals, we are strong. Together, we are invincible.
“INSIGNIA, which is also our brand crest, springs forth from our first collection, DOMAIN,” explains REALM Founder and Designer Ann King Lagos. “The DOMAIN icon evokes a woman’s curves and celebrates the force we each have within us. Joining four of these icons together to form a ‘family’ evokes the power that comes when we unite.”
REALM founder and designer, Ann King Lagos, and her daughter, Kate wear jewelry from the INSIGNIA Collection.  SHOP Ann and Kate's looks here.
“I love the INSIGNIA Collection, says customer Denise S. of Longboat Key, FL. The look is classy and interesting but not too busy. The fact that it symbolizes family makes it very special as my family is so important to me. The family bond truly is where one’s power comes from.”


Empress Ring
Collectors named this the power friendship ring. With three silhouette sizes (small, medium, large) and a wide selection of ring sizes, each woman can find her own unique look yet share a bond with her closest family and friends.
Délicat Chain Bracelet in gold, rose gold, silver and black ruthenium
Délicat Chain Bracelet
This delicate lace-like beauty is the perfect everyday bracelet on its own or layered. Choose from all four Shades of REALM (clockwise from top left): Black Ruthenium Vermeil, 18K Rose Gold Vermeil, 18K Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver.
Soirée Pavé Earring
Pure glamour! A stunning statement earring that brings the INSIGNIA icon to dazzling heights.
Gold tassel necklace and trio of gold signet rings from the INSIGNIA Collection by REALM
Tassel Necklace
Intricate, unique and romantic.

“From the unity of family,
our most powerful bond,
comes love and the
strength to soar.
We hope you'll love
wearing and sharing
INSIGNIA with your family."

 Ann King Lagos
REALM Founder + Designer