The DOMAIN Collection from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry symbolizes Home + Protection + Life

Get to Know: DOMAIN

In design and intention, each piece of REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry tells a story about how we live our lives, how we support and champion each other, how we reign in our realms. Get to know our very first collection: DOMAIN.

do·main | | doh-meyn | noun | 
(1) a field of action, thought, influence
(2) the territory governed by a single ruler or government; realm
(3) a realm or range of personal knowledge, responsibility 


The REALM iconic symbol for HOME + PROTECTION + LIFE


DOMAIN embodies every woman. It is the soul and spirit of REALM from which all springs forth. Look closely and you’ll spy an element of this symbol in each of our iconic collections. The DOMAIN icon updates a traditional jewelry motif—florals—to sculpturally evoke a woman's body. Like an unfolding flower, the Domain icon marquise center holds our heart while the curved petals form our open arms to end in a curl, our eyes.
DOMAIN Collection from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry

"The DOMAIN design was inspired by flowers,
which have always been a source of inspiration for me.
I wanted to create a floral symbol that would embody
the beauty and strength of every woman."

Ann King Lagos
REALM Founder + Designer

Explore DOMAIN...

Domain Petite Signet Ring - 18K Gold Vermeil


Our newest ring is a feminine riff on a traditional signet style.


DOMAIN Petite Pavé Pendant - Sterling Silver + CZ Noir

This delicate Domain icon is a charming sparkling silhouette
that brings harmony to those who wear it.



Domain Duet Cuff - 18K Rose Gold Vermeil

DOMAIN Duet Petite Cuff Bracelet - 18K Rose Gold Vermeil

This cuff bracelet is light and airy with a sleek and slender shank
that gives you the power to create your own custom fit. 


 Domain Petite Portrait Hoop Earring - 18K Gold Vermeil + CZ Noir 

Our best-selling earring silhouette now comes in
3 sizes and numerous precious metal and sparkle combinations.
You're sure to find one you love! 
Domain Duet Signature Cuff Bracelet - Sterling Silver
Sculpted with sensuous forms to complement your every curve,
you'll love the look and feel of this modern charm on our arm.

DOMAIN Majesty Luxe Chain Bracelet - 18K Gold Vermeil
Dynamic and so luxurious, this bracelet has 10 rows
of the textured Majesty Chain connected to the stylized
Domain iconic clasp. Truly majestic!