Celebrate Mother's Day with Ann + Kate

Celebrate Mother's Day with Ann + Kate

Ann King Lagos, Founder and Designer of REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry, and her daughter, Kate Shares Lagos Sutera, Brand Stylist and Associate Designer of LAGOS, share their powerful bond and shared passion for family, food and fashion.

Ann King Lagos has designed thousands of pieces of jewelry throughout her storied career.  Yet when asked to name her greatest creation, she never hesitates: "My daughter, Kate."

Kate's love and pride for Ann is equally as strong. "My mom is superwoman," says Kate. "I really hope to be as amazing as her when I become a mother.”

They are mother and daughter, best friends, designing women and style mavens. They often speak at the same time, saying the same thing... or at the same time saying the opposite thing. They laugh, they cry, they quibble, they embrace. They talk on the phone 12 times a day. They share a lifelong passion for family, food and fashion. This Mother's Day, we asked the tightknit duo to share with you the heart of their powerful bond.

Enjoy this Q+A with A+K.

Kate says...

Kate, you are the daughter of two jewelry designers and are now a jewelry designer yourself. How did growing up in that creative environment influence you?
KATE: It had a big influence on where I am today as Brand Stylist and now also Associate Designer of LAGOS. I joke around saying I was brainwashed as a child since I ended up following in my parents’ footsteps. But in all seriousness, I was always encouraged to be my own person and choose my own path. They only asked that I choose something that brought happiness to my life, so it didn’t feel like a job at the end of the day.

What are 3 things you’ve learned from your mom?

  1. Sense of style and design. I am very lucky to have two talented parents who are designers and have an attention to detail. My mother, however, is an all-around styling queen! And that does not just include clothing. My friends always want my mom’s opinion on home decorating, something I also have a love for. It’s a beautiful trait to have but also a curse because we find both our minds always re-designing everything we see to have more balance… which can be very exhausting (haha)! But we definitely have fun doing it, especially together. 😊
  2. To be the best hostess with the mostess! My mom loves to host parties in her beautiful home. Her charismatic personality brings people together in ways that show her support and love.
  3. Cooking! I loved helping my mom cook when I was younger. I make many of her recipes today for my husband and me, our favorite being Mom’s Broccoli Pasta. Although it never comes out exactly how she makes it… 

What have you taught her?

  • Instagram! … a life-long work in progress 😊
  • What’s new in the world of makeup and hair. We enjoy sharing tips.
  • How not to “mom” me, but to talk to me as a peer.

Our featured collection this month is INSIGNIA, which represents Family + Bond + Power. What does that mean to you?
KATE: Family is a powerful bond! You can’t choose your family initially, but you can continue to choose them every day. I have many people in my life who have become family and brought more love into my life, which is very powerful.

I also love that the INSIGNIA symbolism speaks to our industry. Jewelry can be passed down through generations, with meaning behind every piece. Whether it’s from a friend, sister, mother, grandmother, it’s truly a beautiful way to share your love and continue the storytelling. That right there is a powerful bond.

Why do you love REALM?
KATE: I love REALM because of what it stands for. For real women, real people.

Anything else you would like to add…
KATE: I’m so proud of my mama <3

“My mom was my everything buddy growing up. I saw her—and still do—as a superwoman, doing the most and always making sure I was okay along the way. I really hope to be as amazing as her when I become a mother.”

— Kate

MOTHER/DAUGHTER STYLE:  Ann + Kate wear INSIGNIA, the REALM Iconic Collection symbolizing Family + Bond Power. Ann goes bold with the Empress Medallion necklace in 18K Gold Vermeil. Kate wears the large Empress Pendant in 18K Gold Vermeil.

Ann says...

What are three things you’ve learned from your daughter?

  1. Anyone who knows me knows I am not savvy in the digital technical world… definitely not my strong suit! On the other hand, Kate is a pro and has a unique vision and sense of design in this arena that earned her the role of Brand Stylist at LAGOS. I am lucky to have such a great teacher.
  2. I love that Kate still comes to me when she has something to get off her mind. She reminds me that she's now a grown woman and she no longer needs me to be the mom who tries to “fix” things like when she was a girl, but the mom who understands that she just wants to vent. I try to live up to the true meaning of being a good listener.
  3. Kate is a fabulous cook. She has broadened my recipe scope, giving me the push to try different things. Her grilled peaches with prosciutto, burrata and balsamic glaze is now one of my go-to summer recipes.

What has Kate learned from you?

  • “Be kind” was my mother’s mantra. I would like to think I’ve passed that down to Kate. Kindness brings connection, shows respect and makes people feel valued. Kate is such a kind-hearted human being. I am a proud mama!
  • In that composition is a strong suit of mine, I see how I have influenced some of Kate’s sensibilities. She has an innate ability and great eye.

“Shares” is both your mother’s maiden name and Kate’s middle name. You have said Kate truly embodies this word. Explain, please.
ANN: Kate has been a kind, sharing person from a young age. I remember her having a play date with a friend when a tiff arose over a toy that Kate was playing with. Kate was happy to give the toy to her friend and found something else to enjoy. Truly a proud moment for me!

As a grown women she has a fierce loyalty to family and friends and makes time for them. She celebrates our successes and is present when we need a shoulder to get through our struggles.

Kate is now a jewelry designer. How does it feel to have her follow in your footsteps with this passion and career path?
ANN: Kate is her own woman. She has her own style and vision. I would be proud of her and support her in whatever she desired to do.

As LAGOS is a part of my history, I love that she is creating and spreading her wings to bring it to a new height. She is continuing the family legacy by giving it her touch, her eye and her spirit. I so admire her talent as a brand stylist and as a designer for the brand. She has truly come into herself so beautifully. A bonus is that, as designers, we get to share ideas and learn from one another too.

Our featured collection this month is INSIGNIA, which represents Family + Bond + Power. What does that mean to you?
ANN: Family is not just important, it is everything to me. I am who I am today because of the unconditional love and support of my family. It is our most powerful bond and from that unity of family comes love and the strength to soar. As individuals, we are strong. Together, we are invincible.

"I’ve read that, according to science, mothers and daughters have the strongest bond. I agree! I am so grateful for the close relationship that Kate and I have as mother and daughter. Always and forever."

— Ann


"Happy Mother's Day to each of you. XOXO."
— Ann + Kate


Intro and interviews by Doreen Creede, Creative Director of REALM.
Studio photos of Ann and Kate by James Graves.
Other photos from family archives.

Mother daughter style - Ann King Lagos and her daughter Kate Lagos Sutera