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Back in January, when we decided our focus this year at REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry would be “Empress Essentials”—both the core pieces of the brand and how we, as Empresses, define what matters most in our lives--we had no idea how drastically life would change in the ensuing months.  As the Coronavirus grew from vague threat to worldwide pandemic, we did what each of you have done: adjusted how we live every day, focused on family and friends, made necessary changes to stay as healthy as possible.  

Hello from my hoe office -- Ann

Hello from my home office -- Ann

When our team regrouped via remote conference call in late March, we looked at our plans through a very different lens.  Honestly, we were prepared to scrap everything and start anew.  But as we talked, we realized that the core beliefs this brand is built on matter more than ever.

REALM has always been about more than jewelry.  My intention from its inception was for this, my fourth company, to offer value and beauty on a foundation of deeper meaning.  From the design and symbolism of each piece to how we sell and how we connect with customers, every element of this brand celebrates us as women.  Our triumphs.  Our challenges. Our joys.  We are not just sellers and buyers, you and I, we are Empresses and we support and inspire each other every day.


"This month, Strength and Resilience are our touchstones.  STRENGTH to get through these current tough days.  RESILIENCE to adapt to a new normal while also preparing to bounce back for brighter times to come."
– REALM Founder + Designer, Ann King Lagos


So, we’ll be continuing our conversation on what’s Essential.  There are many ways to define Essential and we’ll be exploring them throughout the year.

This month, Strength and Resilience are our touchstones.  STRENGTH to get through these current tough days.  RESILIENCE to adapt to a new normal while also preparing to bounce back for brighter times to come. 

How are you staying strong and resilient?  Share your tips, thoughts and quotes with us on Facebook and Instagram.

One thing that has given me strength is your support.  You have written to share how wearing a piece of REALM jewelry – even while working from home at this time – has brightened your day.  You have told me that finding ways to mark special occasions still matters to you.

Please know that our online shop remains open and that I will personally take care of getting your order shipped to you.  That said, I understand that for some of you buying jewelry may be the furthest thing from your mind.  Staying connected is important to us in whatever way resonates with you.  Whether you choose to make a purchase, share with us on social or simply reply to me here, we are grateful for your connection … and we are always here for you.

Continue to Reign Thoughtfully,

Ann King Lagos

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