Nurturing Ourselves + Others: Thanking the women who raised us; remembering to nourish ourselves.

As we continue our conversations here at REALM on New Essentials–in both our lives and jewelry boxes—we look at May in a new light. Being Mother’s Day in the USA, we celebrate the women who brought us into this world.  Young women who had dreams, drive and vigor became our mothers.  They cared for and encouraged us to become the best we can be. They nurtured us and taught us to care for ourselves, a quality that is essential now more than ever—but also a quality we seem to forget.

Ann _King_ Lagos with Skyler and her mom Lara_Ertwine realtor and Real Woman of REALM all wearing REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry

At our spring photo shoot with cover girl/Real Woman of REALM Lara Ertwine and her daughter. We were all camera shy at first.  Lara and I had to put our best self forward so Skyler could too.

Ann King Lagos behind the scenes with Skyler and her mom Lara Ertwine at a photo shoot for REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry
One of our Empresses told me that during our current Stay At Home life she brightens her day by doing her hair, dabbing on some makeup and slipping on her REALM jewelry. It makes life feel more normal. It makes her happy. Whether your moment of happiness comes from jewelry, a bubble bath or cooking up a pot of Bolognese, my wish for you this month is that you nurture yourself as much as those you love.



May 2020