Victoria Roggio wears REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry


The founder of Victoria Roggio Beauty shares her secrets to gorgeous skin, the challenges of starting a biz during the pandemic and why she loves REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry.
Get inspired by our new RWR.

Victoria Roggio and I met in early 2020 while shooting the photographs for the launch of our new REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry website. I was the “model” and Victoria was the makeup artist.

Ann King Lagos with Victoria Roggio, founder of Victoria Roggio Beauty

I love getting my makeup done. It is such a luxurious experience from the touch of another’s hand gently caressing your face to the wisp of a soft brush against your skin. Then, like magic, you are transformed into a glowing beauty!

Victoria did all that—and more. Our time together went beyond the usual chit-chat. We shared our artistic passions and the ups and downs of being entrepreneurs. Although we are from different cultural backgrounds and generations, we found we had similar joys and struggles. We became each other’s cheerleader and great friends.

As I have gotten to know Victoria over the past year, I've had the pleasure to see her challenge herself to live her dream of creating Victoria Roggio Beauty. Her strength and courage continue to inspire me. I hope her story inspires you. Meet our new RWR—Real Woman of REALM.

Ann King Lagos
Founder + Designer
REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry

ABOVE: Ann King Lagos + Victoria Roggio at the new Victoria Roggio Beauty boutique Spa in Philadelphia.

Victoria Roggio Beauty - a new clean beauty spa in Old City Philadelphia

REALM: What do you do for work?
VICTORIA ROGGIO: I am a makeup artist, esthetician and the founder of Victoria Roggio Beauty, a new boutique Spa in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia.

… and for play?
I love spending time in nature with my children, exploring the beauty that surrounds us and teaching them to appreciate it. Plants, flowers, trees, colors, water gurgling, birds chirping... it all makes me feel alive and inspired.

What makes Victoria Roggio Beauty unique?
We are inspired by nature and our European Roots. Born and raised in Moldova, I moved to the U.S. in 2010 and started my journey in the beauty industry. After nearly a decade, we have built a strong reputation and are now sought-after experts for Clean Beauty. Our strong belief is that the key to a beautiful look is not applying loads of makeup but using the proper techniques and taking care to prepare the skin beforehand.

You opened the Spa during the pandemic. Tell us about that. 
It was challenging and stressful, especially as I was also working from home with my husband and my children who are five and three. But it turned out to be the push I needed to take my brand to the next level and realize my vision of creating a unique, welcoming space with the feel of cozy European loft filled with light and love.

What did you learn during this time?
The past year opened my eyes on how much people needed the help of an expert to simply write them a regimen or offer skin care advice. I reconnected with clients and helped my future brides to achieve great skin with simple steps at home. I think universally we all focused on what truly makes us happy. For me it was family and this passion of mine to create VRB. 

I must add that meeting Ann really helped me through this time. She’s been such an incredible supportive friend--inspiring and beautiful in so many ways. She told me: “Victoria there will be hard times and tears, but you got this.”

There is still so much unknown and uncertain, and there are so many sleepless nights and tears, both happy and sad, but we are learning as we go. When I’m exhausted and almost ready to give up, I remind myself that this is what I've always wanted to do and here I am working in my beautiful space! It's still imperfect in many ways yet so serene, so me. I can’t wait to invite you all here for our future collab event with REALM! 

Why do you love REALM?

"REALM is so empowering.
I love that Ann is showcasing real women,
real inspiring stories—and it is a woman-owned brand of course! 
It is great quality jewelry, so unique and beautiful.
I love the diversity of shapes, curves and colors of metals. 
I love timeless pieces and Ann creates them so perfectly."

—Victoria Roggio


We heard you wore REALM to your Grand Opening (thank you!). 
Yes! The jewelry is stunning for a special occasion, but I also wear it every day. Some of my favorites are: 


Pearl Bond bracelet from REALM
EMPIRE Bond Bracelet in Pearl
Pearls are so timeless and anyone can wear them.
The Stud earrings, especially the EMPIRE Python Square Stud.
Simple in style yet very chic and versatile.
The REIGN THOUGHTFULLY Cuff Bracelet is a piece for every woman.
Wearing it empowers me and reminds me to keep pushing 
no matter what!

Victoria Roggio with a client at Victoria Roggio Beauty

Please share with us y our top Skin Care Tips.
I believe in glowing, healthy and hydrated skin. My key to getting it is to first take care of these basics:

  1. Cleanse your skin daily both at night and in the morning. Double cleanse or even triple cleanse. That means after (1) makeup remover and (2) facial cleanser, add a third step of Micellar Water or Aqua Serena from Furtuna Skin. Clean skin is underestimated and it’s one of the most important steps.
  2. Use your sunscreen because you won’t regret it later in life.
  3. Drink tons of water and eat more greens.


Then there are some key products that truly produce amazing results. On my short list:

Organic, fast-absorbing nutrition for your skin. Perfect for all skin types.
• Lotion P50 Biologique Recherche (available by consultation)
Okay, this is a true cult favorite and its stellar results are worth all the hype. It is amazing for dark spots, shrinks the pores, and balances your complexion so that the final effect is to the most radiant glowing skin, yet plumped! It will exfoliate your skin gently, balances your skins PH level, hydrate and brighten.
Environ Gold Roller is my fave at home tool for product penetration and getting rid of those fine lines.
Makeup artist + Mom + Real Woman of REALM

What Does It Mean To:

Be your best version of yourself.
We all have our own struggles and imperfection.
I believe imperfections are beautiful.

Be a queen no matter what because
each of us is a true one!

Oh, I love this one so much!
Reign with open heart and mind,
because there is so much
you can learn in this journey.

Victoria Roggio Beauty