Real Women of REALM

Real Women of REALM
Introducing a new series where REALM Empresses -- real women like us -- share their style, stories and inspiration for living our best lives and reigning thoughtful
Perhaps you have connected that REALM was inspired by my maiden name, King. Although it started there it has taken on a life of its own. It has become something that we as women—you and I—have created together. It encompasses jewelry and fashion, yes; as well as family and friends, challenges and triumphs. It is our kingdom.
I call you Empresses because I truly believe you are. You took on this title as a source of power and pride. You shared it with your friends, and they shared it with theirs. The passion, strength, kindness and beauty of this community continues to amaze me. Each of you rock your world in your own way, and you rock mine, too. Thank you.
To recognize and celebrate our bond, we’ve launched a new blog series: Meet The Real Women of REALM. In this series we’ll be highlighting our Empresses -- real women of REALM who, like us, strive to live their best lives and reign thoughtfully. We hope these stories will serve as a starting point for on-going conversations between us on this blog and social. Let’s use these platforms to support and celebrate each other. Share what you’re up to, comment, ask questions, tag us in your posts. We’d love to hear what’s happening in your REALM.
Be Your Own Empress & Continue to Reign Thoughtfully,
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