What do romance and REALM jewelry have in common? Romance novelist Tania Trozzo shares her secrets for adding sparks of romantic style to your everyday life.

One of our style categories at REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry is the "Romantic Empress." So, when we met romance novelist Tania Trozzo, we felt an instant connection. That connection deepened as we discovered Tania's feelings on love and romance reflect how we feel about wearing beautiful jewelry. We agree: neither should be saved for a special occasion; rather they should be a joyful and uncomplicated part of everyday life.

"Romance is how we show love to others, especially our significant others," says Tania. "And it’s perhaps not as complicated as one might think. Romance can be found in the everyday tasks you do for your loved ones. It’s the small gestures done thoughtfully and consistently that count." 

Read on to learn more of Tania's romance tips, find out why she adores REALM and discover why she truly believes that love makes the world go round.

Romance author Tania Trozzo wearing REALM jewelry and holding her first novel, Breathe

Q+A With Tania Trozzo

REALM: What do you do for work?
TANIA: I have about 15+ years retail and sales experience especially in the luxury goods sector. Recently, I left my role as a Regional Sales Director for a large tech company to take a break while carefully looking for the right position and also focus on my writing 

for play?
I guess you could say I write for play. I enjoy reading–both nonfiction as well as fiction. I’ll read a book before watching TV any day. I enjoy fitness–I prefer running but also do strength training. I enjoy cooking–mostly Italian food and lots of veggies!

for others?
A cause dear to my heart is the Alzheimer’s Association. My father passed away from dementia and every few years I organize a fundraiser to support the cause. I also support our local food banks and Career Wardrobe.

How did you become a romance novelist?
Great question. I love to read as I mentioned above. I go through periods where I devour books and I’ve always enjoyed writing. When my father got ill with dementia and his kidney disease worsened, something just clicked and I wanted to try. It was in a way therapeutic for me. So, I just started. My first book took me a few years to write but I’d like to think my father would be proud to see the progress I’ve made.


Breathe by Tania Trozzo front coverLet It All Go by Tania Trozzo front coverLucky Charm by Tania Trozzo front coverPortafortuna by Tania Trozzo front cover
Tell us about your novels. 

Breathe  This novel is a bit more YA and it’s the story of a girl named Clara who has a difficult past and is trying to start fresh in her new school. She makes new friends and falls in love with a boy named Gabe. She teeters on this line (like most women) of feeling confident and then insecure. It’s the first book in the Breathe series.
Let It All Go  This is the second book in the Breathe series. Just when she’s ready to let go of her past, and wants to have a normal teenage summer, someone from both her past and Gabe’s past show up to put a wrench in her plans.
Lucky Charm  This is a best friends to lovers interracial romance. It is the sweetest story of two best friends who eventually realize they are in love with each other but it’s obviously not that easy.
Portafortuna   The Italian translation of Lucky Charm. It was picked up by Graus Edizioni, an Italian publisher, and launched this past summer.
Finally Mine  My latest book, slated to come out end of September/early October, is a contemporary football romance of two people who fall in love at first sight, but their timing is off initially. Until it isn’t.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
• Keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing. And when you can’t write or don’t know what to write, go out and experience life and pay attention to what happens around you. It will inspire you.
• Also, to just remember that you can write ANYWHERE. I wrote chapters of my first book, Breathe, on my phone while I was on the train. If you get a tidbit of inspiration, get it down wherever you can.

Any romance tips to share with us?
My top three are:

  1. Start small. It can be as simple as writing a note at the start of each week and putting it on their mirror or hidden in their work bag. How about a love email if you don’t want to write a love letter? Maybe you can send them a song that reminds them of you. Or give them a call ‘just because.’ Behind every small act lie ‘big’ emotions and feelings.
  2. Date nights. They are truly important, and I also know that for some people having small children makes it very difficult. It shouldn’t be that difficult, but it is that important. It’s a must! You can stargaze in the backyard, take a walk, plan a movie night, breakfast in bed – whatever it is, doesn’t matter. It’s all about spending time together.
  3. Have fun! I’m pretty sure deep down we all know what our significant other enjoys doing. We can either find something in common or try one of their activities and next time do one of yours. The important thing is to make it fun! And of course, to do it together.


"Love heals your heart, and it can heal your soul.
Romance is how we show that love to others,
especially our significant others,
and it’s perhaps not as complicated as one might think.
Romance can be found in the everyday tasks
you do for your loved ones.
It’s the small gestures
done thoughtfully and consistently that count."

—Tania Trozzo

Why do you love REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry?
What’s there not to love? Fabulous jewelry that’s fashionable and affordable and that carries a profound message for all women: remember the Queen you are. I also love that those who embody REALM, are everyday strong and brilliant women.

What are your favorite pieces of REALM jewelry?

Stack of engraved "Reign Thoughtfully" cuff bracelets from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry

The first time I visited the REALM Studio
I won the Reign Thoughtfully Cuff Bracelet
in a raffle. It’s one of my favorite things.
I wear it practically every day.

Empire Petite Pavé Stiletto Pendant from REALM Fine + Fashion JewelrySceptre Luxe Pavé Hoop Earrings
I also love the Empire Petite Pavé Stiletto Pendant,
the Sceptre Luxe Pavé Hoop Earrings (above)
and the Sceptre Python Collar,(below)
which makes me feel like Cleopatra! 
Sceptre Python Collar in Sterling Silver from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry
Do you have a favorite REALM collection?
Sceptre and Coronet, most definitely. I feel like an Empress when I wear them.



For me this means, to not only do the best
you can each day with kindness
but to step out of your comfort zone and be fierce. 

Be your own hero and be proud of yourself.

I wear my Reign Thoughtfully cuff practically every day
and it serves as a reminder to me that you can be
fierce, bold and tough
but you can do it with grace and elegance.
And always with kindness.

Your Instagram tagline is: “I believe love conquers all and romance makes the world go round” – tell us more, please!

Romance novelist Tania Trozzo and her daughter at a book signing in Italy
When I was in college, I took an economics class. On our first day of class, our professor asked us: "What makes the world go round?"
We all answered: “money,” because we were in fact in economics class.

The professor shook his head and told us how disappointed he was in our responses. I’ll never forget it to this day. He said: “It’s love, people. Love makes the world go round. Money makes the economy go round.”

That really stayed with me. Love heals your heart, and it can heal your soul. And romance is how we show that love to others, especially our significant others. And it’s perhaps not as complicated as one might think. Romance can be found in the everyday tasks you do for your loved ones. It’s the small gestures done thoughtfully and consistently that count.

Author Tania Trozzo with her husband and sons at a book signing in Italy

Tania Trozzo joined by (above) husband Luciano,
sons Gabriel and Giuseppe,
and (above left) daughter Giada
at a book signing in Italy for her novel,
Porta Fortuna.

This Fall we’re talking about getting “Back to” many aspects of life we had to let go during the pandemic. Is there something you’re particularly excited about getting back to doing or wearing this season?
I think I’m just excited to get back out there and get dressed up for events, such as networking events or just any event in general. I love bold pieces and heels, especially a bootie. Of course, I LOVE jewelry all year round but particularly necklaces and earrings for Fall. Jewelry gives your look the final touch it often needs.
Anything else you would like to add…
I just want to thank REALM and Ann for giving me this opportunity. I also want to say: It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and be the Queen or Empress that you are. Just remember that when you do reign, to reign thoughtfully.