A networker with heart, Suzy Pratowski wants you to succeed—in business and in life.

Suzy Pratowski is the real deal—the girl next door with a heart larger than life. Whether she’s running a networking group, supporting charities or helming her insurance agency, helping others is truly her passion. I’m delighted to introduce her to you as our newest Real Woman of REALM.

Ann King Lagos and Suzy Pratowski

I first met Suzy when I was invited to attend her networking group. Over the years, I’ve attended many networking functions where people come only to see what they can get for themselves.  So, at my very first “Suzy’s Networking Lunch,” I was happily surprised to discover a group of women who truly care about what they can give, not just get.

Yes, we talk about our businesses. Yes, we get up in front of the group and state our “ask.” Suzy makes sure we’re not shy about stating what we need. The difference is what happens next.  Suzy challenges us to figure out how we can help each other transform “ask” into accomplishment.

“Get together for coffee, a cocktail, by phone or by Zoom. Find a way to truly help one another move forward and succeed,” Suzy suggests. And we do. Which is probably why the group has grown in just a few years from a small gathering of friends to over 500 businesswomen in a variety of fields. (The pic here of me and Suzy is from her "Mega Lunch" fundraiser benefitting Bringing Hope Home last Fall.)

I think it’s such a great example of how—in business and in life—we as women can be both strong and kind, focused and friendly, ambitious for ourselves yet willing to assist and lift up others.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by Suzy, her passions and her story.

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Suzy Pratowski, insurance agent and Real Woman of REALM

Q+A with Suzy Pratowski

What do you do for work?
I’m an independent insurance agent.

for play?
I love to walk in the mornings, golf, cook, go to the beach and be with my family and friends.

for others?
I have been volunteering for and supporting Bringing Hope Home for over ten years. Their mission is to help families faced with a cancer diagnosis pay for non-medical expenses—rent, mortgage, car payments, PECO bills, etc. I love supporting them because I feel every person has been affected in some way by a cancer diagnosis.

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You are known for your Suzy’s Networking Lunch.  Tell us about that.
It started a few years ago when I got some friends together for my birthday. Everyone had the opportunity to introduce themselves and say what they did for work. It was so fun and productive that everyone suggested I do it again because they knew other women who would enjoy a lunch group like this. It has now grown to over 500 women! Our “entry requirements” are simple: You must be a professional woman and a good person willing to help others. The group has helped so many women grow professionally, get new jobs, transition careers, etc. It’s a warm and inviting atmosphere and we support each other personally as well. Not only are we helping with business, we’re friends too!

Why do you love REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry?
I love wearing REALM because the jewelry makes me feel beautiful and feminine.

Your favorite pieces of REALM jewelry?
All bracelets and earrings! I love to mix gold and silver pieces too.

Do you have a favorite REALM collection?
Domain – I call it your OG Collection! It’s how REALM started, and I love to hear stories of how businesses get started. The Domain Portrait Hoop earrings will be my next purchase!

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Never stop growing, learning, improving yourself.

All women are Empresses.
We are unique and that’s what makes us beautiful.

It means I think before I act or speak
so that I can help everyone as best as I can.


March is International Women’s Month. What advice do you have for women in business… and life?
Anything is possible. Stay positive, have faith, never stop going after what you want, and never feel badly about asking for help and support.
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