As a lawyer and higher education executive, Sophia Lee collaborates to solve complex problems to make the world a better and more beautiful place for all.

I will never forget the first time I saw Sophia. In a sea of people at a crowded event she stood out with a warm and infectious smile —I just had to meet her! We said hello and soon became fast friends, despite having very different career passions.

It's our differences, in fact, that make our friendship so dynamic and meaningful. Whether talking about law or fashion, politics or style, we are always learning from and inspiring each other. I hope you will feel just as inspired as you get to know Sophia, our newest Real Woman of REALM.

— Ann King Lagos
Founder + Designer

PHOTO: Sophia Lee and Ann King Lagos 


Q + A with Sophia Lee

What do you do for work?
It’s important to me to have impact and purpose in the work I do. My favorite kind of work involves collaborating with smart, ambitious, and thoughtful people to solve complex problems for the benefit of the greater good.

for play?
I love to experience new adventures, whether in travel or in the pursuit of delicious food and drink. My favorite fellow travelers are my young daughters, who also have a love of adventure – they are curious, insightful, and enjoy laughing together.

for others?
Giving back and helping to uplift the communities that have shaped who I am and that have supported my success are meaningful priorities for me.

"Putting on my favorite REALM jewelry is like wearing powerful–and glamorous–armor, whether I am walking into the courtroom or into the boardroom. The jewelry is also perfectly suited for walking into an elegant restaurant dining room!"

Why do you love REALM?
I love Ann’s exquisite eye for glamorous detail.

Your favorite pieces of REALM jewelry?
My Talon Earrings in black pavé (just the right mix of elegance with a touch of edge) my Spirit Stack Rings (which Ann personally picked out for me) and my Corset Cuff (powerful and glamorous armor for the courtroom, boardroom or dining room!).
Do you have a favorite REALM collection?
I have pieces from all the REALM collections!

Do you have any mantras you live by?
  • Know your worth.
  • Own your power.
  • Take care of others.
What advice would you give to young women as they embark on their careers?
Don’t be afraid of your own ambition.