Beautypreneur Ky'sha Woods shares her top tips for getting gorgeous from the inside out and reveals why she believes every woman is a Goddess (we love that!).

You've seen her star in several of our campaigns, like our At Home Glam theme for Holiday 2021(below), where she dazzled in an emerald gown and REALM sparkly jewelry; and our Summer 2022 exploration of the TRYST Collection (top banner). Now get to know our new Real Woman of REALM, Ky'sha Woods.

Beautypreneur Ky'sha Woods wears an emerald gown and CZ Vert jewelry from REALM
At Home Glam: Ky'sha dazzles in sparkly CZ stunners from REALM. 
Soiree Pavé Earring - CZ Blanc | Pavé Ring - CZ Vert | Pavé Ring 13.0 - CZ Vert

Q+A With Ky'sha

REALM: What do you do for work?
KY’SHA: I am a serial entrepreneur who pivots on my core value of helping people become the best version of themselves. I love being a “Beautypreneur” — being a part of the process of an individual's transformation is my absolute joy.

for play?
I love to travel, experience different cultures and meet fantastic people.

for others?
I work with many organizations as a mentor. I love to cultivate young entrepreneurs.

Tell us about Lux by Ky’sha
Lux by Ky’sha is a culture and lifestyle. It springs from my belief that beauty comes from the inside out.

Lux by Ky'sha logo

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Why do you love REALM?
I love everything about REALM! Wearing fun, fashion jewelry with meaning makes me feel special every day. It is a consistent affirmation of my Goddess and Empress within. REALM jewelry integrates seamlessly with any ensemble I choose to wear.

Your favorite pieces of REALM jewelry?
Wow that is hard! If I must choose, it would be the Sceptre Stack Rings and the “Reign Thoughtfully” Cuffs.

Is there a REALM collection you particularly love?
The Tryst Collection is my absolute favorite. 

Entrepreneur and Beauty Expert Ky'sha Woods models the TRYST Collection from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry
GET THE LOOK: Ky'sha has modeled her favorite REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry Collection, TRYST, in several of our recent campaigns. Here she wears Two Tone Sterling Silver + 18K Gold Vermeil
Rendezvous Swing Earrings | 
Rendezvous Wrap Ring | Rendezvous Luxe Cuff


Being authentic to who you are.

Always love every inch of yourself. Own You.

Be responsible of the power you hold and always be gracious.

What are your top 3 beauty tips?
Beauty comes from the inside out. Here are my top beauty and wellness secrets to achieve the fountain of youth everyone is looking for:

  1. Beauty sleep is a real thing! Most important is REM sleep between11:00PM and 2:00AM—that’s when your melatonin releases naturally. Melatonin manages immune function, blood pressure, cortisol and many other benefits.
  2. It is important to do what I call the Lux 6 beauty/wellness secrets daily: Antioxidants, Digestion Enzymes, Pre/Probiotics, Multi Vitamins, 3-6,-9 Essential Fatty Acids. Most important: Vitamin D3 5000 IU
  3. Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.

How did you come to refer to your customers as "Goddesses?
I believe everyone has a Goddess within. It’s my focus to tap into that part of every woman (and the King in every man). 

Graphic of Empress + Goddess event at the REALM Studio

At a recent event in our Studio, Ky'sha's "Goddess" customers became "Empresses" as they enjoyed personal styling and shopping with REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry Founder/Designer Ann King Lagos. 

This Fall we’re talking about getting “Back to” many aspects of life we had to let go during the pandemic. Is there something you’re particularly excited about getting back to doing or wearing this season?
I am looking forward to wearing boots! We’ve been in the house wearing socks.

Do you have a signature look?
I am Classic + Chic + Comfort all in one.