Kristin Detterline - Editor + Writer + Consultant + Real Woman of REALM


She's told the stories of celebs and brands. Here, renowned editor, writer and consultant Kristin Detterline reveals her own secrets to living with style and spirit, finding strength from family and leading with love. Meet our new Real Woman of REALM.

As Editor-in-Chief and Group Editor of Modern Luxury Media for Philadelphia, Kristin Detterline managed 12 publications with 50,000 subscribers and 50 million online viewers. She profiled celebrities, moderated events and appeared as a lifestyle expert on TV. Now, as Director of Brand Communications for Athena Global Advisors, she helps companies tell their stories in compelling ways that connect with their audiences. Often photographed and in the spotlight, she exudes polished style and unflappable poise.

When Kristin enthusiastically agreed to share her star power with us as a Real Woman of REALM, my team and I wondered if there was another side of her. Who is the Kristin behind the many photos we’ve seen?

We discovered that Kristin prefers a night at home with her two pups to a night out at an event. She’s usually outfitted in denim, not designer dresses. As a girl she loved to read, write and draw—and still does. She credits the women in her life, most of all her beloved Nan, for much of her success.

We discovered that Kristin’s reputation is accurate. Reputation for kindness, that is. A bit of her wisdom that we all loved: “Be nice. It costs nothing and can reap major benefits along the way. Remember that today’s interns could be tomorrow’s executive directors."

(She’s also generous with her knowledge—read on to get her terrific editor's tips for looking your best in photos.)

I’ve known Kristin as an acquaintance for many years. During our time together planning and producing her Real Woman of REALM launch, we became fast friends. In getting to know her, I realized how truly she embodies the symbolism behind REALM's Iconic jewelry collections. She has spirit and style. She has beauty and brains. She's found strength through the bond of family. She leads with love.

Enjoy getting to know Kristin.

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Q+A with Kristin Detterline

What do you do for work?
I’m the Director of Brand Communications for Athena Global Advisors, a Philadelphia-based marketing consultancy. We work with a number of well-known corporations for business insights, marketing strategies and brand activations. I’m also a freelance contributor to Philadelphia Style and Philadelphia magazine.

for play?
Reading, SoulCycle (I just had my 250th ride!) and walking around the Italian Market with my two Boston Terriers, Webster and Betty.

for others?
I’m on the event committee for MANNA’s annual fall fundraising event, The Main Course, and volunteer there throughout the year. And every year my family and I adopt a family in need in Haddon Township (my hometown) and fulfill their Christmas list.

March is International Women’s Month. 
Tell us about the women who influenced you.

My Nan, who passed away in 2019, was the biggest influence in my life. My grandparents grew up during the Great Depression and were small business owners. They really stressed the importance of having a career and going to college, which neither of them were able to do. I grew up next door to them and saw them every single day. It was one of the best parts of my childhood.

I also have a deep appreciation for the many female bosses that I’ve had over the years. Most of them really challenged me to think bigger and elevate my skill set. I couldn’t have done it without their encouragement and guidance. Sometimes you need people to push you to grow and get out of your comfort zone.

You’re well known as the Editor-in-Chief of over a dozen Modern Luxury magazines, including Philadelphia Style. Is there a side of you we haven’t met?
I’m a typical introvert, which has been a huge advantage as a writer. I’m also pretty private and have a tight circle of friends.

Editor, writer, businesswoman—is there one of these talents you identify with most?
Writer. I’ve been reading, writing and even drawing since I can remember. There are lots of pictures of me as a kid carrying around a book or box of colored pencils.

As someone who is regularly photographed (and managed many photo shoots), would you share with us your secrets for looking great in photos and for taking great pics?

How to Look Great in Photos:

  1. Find your favorite photo of yourself and use that as your guide for taking photos.
  2. Lighting is key. Whenever possible, always pose facing natural light.
  3. Stand up straight. Good posture makes you look taller, leaner and appear more confident. Honestly, I’ve seen so many photos of myself where I was the tallest person in the photo and slumped down, so it wasn’t so obvious, and it just made the photo worse.

How to Take a Great Photograph:

  1. Again, lighting is key, especially natural light.
  2. Use a black and white filter if you love the photo composition but can’t get the lighting quite right. That’s an editorial trick!
  3. Try out the iPhone’s portrait mode feature for photos.
Kristin Detterline wears gold REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry with black and leather

We love your style! At REALM, we talk about our jewelry and Empresses as having a “Classic, Romantic or Rock Star” vibe (sometimes all three). How would you describe your personal style?
All three. I dress for the season or the occasion but my whole wardrobe really centers around all things denim.

Our featured collection this month is DOMAIN which symbolizes Home + Protection + Life. 
What does that mean to you?

Spending time at home took on a whole new meaning for me in 2020. Before the pandemic, I was out most nights of the week for events and dinners so home always felt like a pitstop on the way to somewhere else.

Now I’m home most nights of the week—and two days a week working from home as part of Athena’s hybrid schedule—and couldn’t imagine it any other way. I’ve really welcomed the change.

Portrait Hoops in Gold

Your favorite pieces of REALM jewelry?
I love my gold Portrait hoops. I remember buying them at a charity trunk show years ago and thinking that I absolutely had to have them. (When do you ever find forward-facing hoops?!) I’ve also been loving the necklaces, like the Stiletto Majesty Pavé Pendant and the Python Collar. I would easily wear either of them with a white t-shirt or a cocktail dress.

Your favorite REALM collection?
SCEPTRE. I love the message of “Strength + Courage + Spirit” and the symmetry of the design.


Python Collar in gold



I think it’s about trying to get a little better each day,
which amounts to personal growth over time.
Therapy helps. So does a little lip gloss.

I’ve grown to firmly believe
that you have to put on blinders
and run your own race.
That goes for work and life.

Be nice.
It costs nothing and
can reap major benefits along the way.
Remember that today’s interns
could be tomorrow’s executive directors.


Why do you love REALM?
Besides being a woman-owned business based in Philadelphia, I love the brand’s message and that it truly is affordable luxury. There is a genuine attention to detail in every design and collection. I also love that you can layer with different REALM pieces or existing pieces in your own jewelry wardrobe. I’ve been wearing my REALM Reign Thoughtfully Cuff with a name bracelet that belonged to my Nan from the ‘70s and a beaded word bracelet that my sister Kate and I both have.

Stack of Reign Thoughtfully Cuffs

I’m really so pleased to be in the company of so many incredibly talented and successful Philadelphia women through the Real Women of REALM.


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