Top luxury realtor (and new Real Woman of Realm) Kristin Daly goes beyond simply selling a client a house. Instead, she helps people envision the life they want—and empowers them to make it happen.

My first encounter with Kristin Daly was at a REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry studio appointment to help her select and style jewels for a Top Luxury Real Estate Leaders feature in Philadelphia Style magazine. Before I knew it, two hours had passed, and we had not even looked at the jewelry! Our conversation segued from photoshoot concept to business to life. We became fast friends.

Kristin Daly wears REALM in a Philadelphia Style magazine photo

In a similar way, Kristin goes beyond simply selling a client a house. Instead, she helps people envision the life they want and then helps them make it happen.

"I enjoy empowering those around me, especially women, to create new leaders while highlighting the importance of financial strength and independence that can be achieved through property ownership," says Kristin.

Kristin's just as unique in her personal style, mixing elegance with an urban edge. She has a quiet, calm way about her that radiates to be a bright force in the room. She is thoughtful and kind, smart and beautiful—truly an inspiration! I just had to ask her to be a Real Woman of REALM.  Enjoy getting to know our newest RWR.

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Ann King Lagos
REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry

Kristin Daly in the March 2023 Philadelphia Style.


Q + A with KRISTIN

What do you do for work?
I’m a real estate broker in Pennsylvania and Florida, helping people buy, sell, develop and invest in real estate. I’m also a lifestyle expert, helping clients create their ideal lifestyle through a curated approach to working with their family, friends and personal goals.

for play?
Exercise, dance, travel, read. And I love fashion.

for others?
Health, well-being and character-building through Citrs and KW Cares.

Coset Cuff bracelet in rose gold

What is The Influencer Initiative?
At the onset of Covid, my team created an “Influencer Series” where we hosted virtual meetings with local business influencers. We were honored to host Mary Dougherty, who is well-known in Philly for owning Nicole Miller boutiques and her own consulting firm, MKDA Associates. We helped each other during that sensitive time and have continued to grow together.

You’ve talked about the connection between property and leadership. Please tell us more about that.
Property ownership and leadership are intertwined, as owning property is a foundation element of building wealth. It gives you both a passive income stream and asset appreciation. 

CUFF BRACELET: One of Kristin's favorite pieces of REALM jewelry is the Corset Pavé Cuff 5 Bar in 18K Rose Gold Vermeil + CZ Blanc from the SCEPTRE Collection, symbolizing Strength + Courage + Spirit.

What does it mean to:

Prepare, balance and be present with optimism and openness.

Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments, no matter how great or small.

Give back, help others, grow people and cultures.


Kristin Daly wears new  earrings, cuff and necklace in new two tone rose gold and silver from REALM


How would you describe your personal style?
My style is elegance mixed with urban reality and function—and REALM jewelry really helps me achieve that look.

Your favorite pieces of REALM jewelry?
The new Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Two Tone mixed metals (which I had the pleasure of "modeling" for the introductory campaign!) really appeal to me.

I also love my cuff bracelet [the Corset Pavé Cuff 5 Bar in 18K Rose Gold Vermeil + CZ Blanc, shown above] and cocktail ring [the Gala Pavé Ring in 18K Rose Gold Vermeil + CZ Blanc, shown below]. Both are daily staple pieces for me.

Why do you love REALM?
I love REALM’s style, glamour and accessibility. Also, the spirit of the creator, Ann King Lagos, which is embedded in every piece.


Gala ring in rose gold and white cz from REALM

What advice do you have for women in business… and in life?

  1. Love and live powerfully.
  2. Connect with others.
  3. Seek the future and recalibrate often.

Anything else you would like to add?
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be featured as a Real Woman of REALM! How can I help more? 


COCKTAIL RING: A daily staple for Kristin, REALM's Gala Pavé Ring in 18K Rose Gold Vermeil + CZ Blanc, from the VANITY Collection, which represents Love + Desire +Beauty.




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