The SCEPTRE Collection from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry symbolizes Stregnth + Courage + Spirit

Get to Know: SCEPTRE

In design and intention, each piece of REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry tells a story about how we live our lives, how we support and champion each other, how we reign in our realms. Get to know our Collection for true originals: SCEPTRE

scep·ter| ˈseptər | (British sceptre) noun |
an ornamented staff carried by rulers on ceremonial occasions
as a symbol of sovereignty

The REALM iconic symbol for STRENGTH + COURAGE + SPIRIT



SCEPTRE Collection from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry

Flaunt your unique style with the edgy attitude of SCEPTRE. A celebration of true originals, this collection encourages you to always #BeYourOwnEmpress. As with all our collection icons, SCEPTRE is derived from the Domain icon, which represents all women. SCEPTRE’s elongated finial is inspired by a woman's sensuous curves to emulate her strength and confidence. 

"My intention was to give the SCEPTRE collection
a sleek, strong, sexy edge so that when we wear it, we
connect to and celebrate our true feminine power.  
How else can we be our best self?"

Ann King Lagos
REALM Founder + Designer
SCEPTRE Stack Rings in 18K Gold Vermeil 18K Rose Gold Vermeil Sterling Silver Black Ruthenium CZ Blanc

SCEPTRE offers you a new way to stack your style.
The distinctive high-profile silhouette is available in our Python pattern and sparkling Pavé in the four precious metal Shades of REALM.
Stacked or solo, you'll discover why these sleek and sexy rings
are some of the most coveted styles of REALM.  



SCEPTRE Linea Luxe Exclamation Earring

Punctuate your look with our luxurious
SCEPTRE Linea Luxe Exclamation Earring.
The polished sides curve with your face adding to the drama
of this sculptural sparkling beauty.

SCEPTRE Corset Pavé Luxe Cuff Bracelet
The showstopper of the collection,
our SCEPTRE Corset Pavé Luxe Cuff Bracelet
slips on easily with its spring hinge
and dazzles with its dramatic shank topped with sparkling CZ Blanc. 
The choice for when you want to shine in the spotlight like the rock star you are.