jumble of engraved Reign Thoughtfully Cuffs in four precious metal Shades of REALM


The Reign Thoughtfully Cuff

One of the things that makes REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry unique is that each design has a deeper meaning, one that relates to our lives as women.  This month we're shining a spotlight on our Reign Thoughtfully Cuff, a designer bracelet that captures the heart and soul of REALM.  I hope you enjoy finding out more about the inspiration and love that goes into every piece of REALM jewelry you wear.
—Ann King Lagos
Founder + Designer

Designed with Meaning + Designed for You

One of my reasons for founding REALM was to create a jewelry company that was about more than jewelry. REALM is just as much about the women who wear that jewelry: who we are, our challenges, our triumphs, our joys. In design and intention, each piece of REALM jewelry tells a story about how we live our lives, how we support and champion each other, how we reign in our realms.

The Reign Thoughtfully Cuff Bracelet is a perfect example of this. It's designed with meaning and designed for YOU. 

The RT Cuff is part of our CORONET Collection, which symbolizes Honor + Acclamation + Joy. The sleek modern oval Cuff is "crowned" at each end with the CORONET icon. This "crown" of REALM is inspired by a woman's sensuous curves and wraps your wrist to kiss your skin with a silk comfort fit. 

Centered between the CORONET symbols is the engraved message:  REIGN THOUGHTFULLY

We love how this offers a gentle reminder when you look down on your wrist to be both strong and kind as you reign in your realm. It’s a message that has been particularly relevant and helpful to all of us during these tumultuous times. I truly believe we can each be the positive change that we want to see in the world, and I hope the RT Cuff—and all of our jewelry—can be a part of inspiring you to #BeYourOwnEmpress, #BeYourBestSelf and #ReignThoughtfully

Style Tips

There are so many ways to style the Reign Thoughtfully Cuff! This versatile piece goes with almost anything and can be worn numerous ways. Here's a few ideas to get you started: 

jumble of engraved Reign Thoughtfully Cuff bracelets from REALM in four precious metal shades

The RT Cuffs come in all of our four precious metal colorways and make a strong statement stacked in every Shade of REALM. Whether you are looking for a gold cuff, a rose gold cuff, sterling silver or something a little different in black ruthenium, our Reign Thoughtfully Cuff has you covered.
engraved Reign Thoughtfully Cuff bracelets paired with a CZ Blanc sparkly cuff
A touch of sparkle really makes your bracelet stack shine.
Here we added bit of bling with our SCEPTRE Pavé Cuff Bracelet.


The sleek style of the RT Cuff blends beautifully with any piece in your jewelry box.

Share Your Story + Style

What does #ReignThoughtfully mean to you? How do you like to style your RT Cuff? I'd really love to know! Please inspire us all and share on Facebook and Instagram.