REALM is a new beginning for me. Forty-five years and four designer jewelry companies later, I am starting over.

This time is different. I want to make jewelry that I love, that I want to wear: strong and delicate, bold yet subtle, jewelry that embodies what it means to be a woman today.

Just like you, I find that sterling silver does not go with everything I wear. We need to have the option to coordinate our jewelry with all of the colors of our wardrobe. And just as important, it needs to be affordable and beautifully made. So, I created the SHADES of REALM to give you the choice to wear that sterling silver we love as well as layered with gold, rose gold and black metal colors.


Together, we are the women behind this brand. We are passionate and always strive to be our best self. I am starting over for you and for me. We are in this together. We are Empresses!