I bet you are wondering how the expression “Be Your Own Empress” originated. “Empress” blossomed as a result of the first REALM Event held at our studio. We invited our friends (who invited their friends) to spend an enjoyable evening experimenting and accessorizing with REALM jewelry. When asked what they thought, a shout out from the crowd said, “I feel like an Empress!” The consensus from that evening was that we are all Empresses! 

In that light, when you wear REALM jewelry, I want you to feel complete, in charge of your own destiny, like you can move mountains, and of course, that you are beautiful!

Be your Best Self. Be Your Own Empress!

So, to celebrate our first blog, I am pleased to introduce three amazing Real REALM Empresses: Dana, Randi and Marla. These women are just like you and me. They have their ups and downs but are always striving to improve every aspect of their lives.

As my mother always reminded me,” Ann, you are only good as the people you choose to surround yourself with.” These three women, and many others, inspire and encourage me to be a better person every day. 

We are all Empresses together!

- Ann King Lagos


Left to Right: Empress Dana, Empress Randi & Empress Marla 


Dana is a realtor and loves to connect people. Her outgoing, friendly personality is infectious. I truly enjoy being with her!     Her mother and the other women in her tribe are her rock. 

Where do you see opportunity to grow
“Strategy & consistency within my life practices.” 

What does it mean for you to be your own Empress? 
“To be strong, wild, in control and beautiful!”


Randi is a Claims Analyst and a Personal Trainer. She is beautiful inside and out, with an amazing smile! She is loyal, loving, responsible, and dedicated to her family and friends.                 

Where do you see opportunity to grow? 
“To continue to take the steps to have a balanced life.” 

What does it mean for you to be your own Empress?
“I firmly believe in the sisterhood that empowers each of us; rather than encourages us to compete against one another.”


Marla is masterful at making connections that bring people together to effect positive change. We have insightful conversations that assist us in furthering our goals and passions. She is a dynamo! 

Where do you see opportunity to grow
“To trust my inner vision by “letting go” of what is no longer serving me. To become more comfortable with being visible in the spotlight without being concerned of what others think of me.”

What does it mean for you to Be Your Own Empress? 
“Having the confidence to step into my own power. We are all powerful beyond measure and once you surrender to your power, miracles happen.”