jewelry care tips hands polishing a sterling silver and cz blanc ring from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry
Caring for Your Jewelry

The Golden Rule: “Last on, first off.”
- To prevent residue buildup, abrasions and damage put jewelry on after you have dressed and applied all hair/beauty products, perfumes and lotions.
- Gently wipe before storing with a soft cotton or flannel cloth.
- Periodically examine clasps and setting to ensure a secure fit.
-Use caution when using sterling silver cleansers or jewelry solvents as they may remove the antique finish and protective anti-tarnish veneer.
- Avoid water, heat and chlorine.

Storing Your Jewelry

A REALM soft suede pouch is included with every style. This pouch has anti-tarnish properties to further the longevity of our finishes.

Note that your earring pouch has a divider. Pop an earring into each side to separate and protect it.

To quickly identify an earring pouch, look for the GOLD metallic leather tie. All other pouches have a BROWN leather tie.

jewelry storage anti-tarnish suede pouch from REALM