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REALM Jewelry Insignia Luxe Ring


REALM is fashion jewelry created in fine jewelry method—the resulting designs take equal inspiration from the strength of vintage hardware to the intrigue of female rulers and exotic lands.  Both bold and bohemian, the entire collection feels like perfectly preserved antiquities from another world that are mysteriously modern.

The name REALM came about organically and yet paved the way for a collection that is quite literal. Its architects, both intent on creating their own new world, designed a collection that steps away from the jewelry world we’ve all been living in. Designed in solid sterling silver and luxury-level eighteen karat gold vermeil, REALM is not costume jewelry nor is it merely “fashion” jewelry­. From statement rings to delicate pendants, the collection is truly a new realm that has all of the design integrity of fine jewelry while being directed from a fashion standpoint.


Jointly created by esteemed, veteran jewelry designer, Ann King Lagos and branding arbiter and stylist, Toni Renée Leslie—REALM is the synthesis of the duo’s shared love for all things life-stylish, coupled with design that is executed with passion and immense detail.

The fiercely female team, is intent on inspiring and empowering other women (so named EMPRESSES) and building their brand and following by “Reigning Thoughtfully.” A concept that emerged amidst their daily duties and has quickly become a mantra for the business as a whole. “In the most simple of terms, it’s about being strong and kind in the same moment—acting on your dreams, achieving your goals and leaving an imprint of thoughtful acts along the path that leads you there.”

T on A: Ann is meticulously talented at her craft and sees detail that mere mortals cannot—she is super social, LOYAL, remarkably resilient and almost always hungry;-)

A on T: Toni is blonde, brainy and beautiful inside and out—truly a bodacious talent. . . her sea salt brownies are beyond the best! 
 REALM Jewelry Ann King Lagos and Toni Renee Leslie


REALM Jewelry Reign Thoughtfully

reign  |  verb

hold office; rule as king or queen

be the best or most important in a particular area or domain


thoughtfully  |  adverb 

showing careful consideration or attention

showing consideration for the needs of other people