We've Got Your Back

We've Got Your Back

Ann King Lagos founder + designer of REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry styles Gaby in a Fall look


Dear Empresses,

As we greet a fresh new fashion season, we want to let you know that one thing hasn't changed here at REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry: the cost of looking and feeling fabulous.

That's because, despite prevailing trends, we're NOT raising our prices.

Continue to enjoy REALM's luxurious, handmade jewelry styles at the affordable prices you love, sold direct to you via private events, Pop-Ups and here at ExploreREALM.com.

We hope this makes your Fall accessory shopping a lot more fun! Need some inspiration? Explore our home page and Instagram to see how other Empresses are wearing REALM in their realms as they head back to the office with a powerfully feminine attitude, back to dressing up for date nights with a subtly sexy vibe and back to enjoying bestie brunches on crisp autumn Sundays in casually elegant style.

Wherever you're headed this Autumn, we've got your back.

Ann King Lagos signature

Ann King Lagos
Founder + Designer

engraved Reign Thoughtfully Cuff bracelets from REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry