Watch REALM on The Cutting Edge

Watch REALM on The Cutting Edge

November 14, 2019

Ann King Lagos and REALM Empresses sparkled as bright as our jewelry on this talk show highlighting hot trends, cool people and innovative ideas.
Recently REALM lit up RVN TV.
A gorgeous display of REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry gleamed under the bright studio lights as founder & designer Ann King Lagos shared how REALM is shaking up the fashion world by offering fine craftsmanship, luxe precious metals and chic looks at an affordable price.
The Cutting Edge hosts Ellen Barkann and Laurel Fairworth talked with REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry founder and designer Ann King Lagos about how REALM is disrupting the fashion world with a new category of jewelry.
Such “cutting edge” disrupters in art, culture and business are why hosts Laurel Fairworth (a 20-year, award-winning TV news reporter; producer for programs such as NBC's Today Show and Nightly News; and founder of PR/marketing firm Cachet Communications) and Ellen Barkann (co-founder and president of The Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation) created the weekly talk show for RVN TV.
In the second half of the show, Ann shared styling tips live on air with REALM Empresses Richelle Payne and Julia Rogers.
PR exec and REALM Brand Ambassador Richelle Payne.
REALM’s special double segment also included Ann’s expert jewelry accessorizing tips, as showcased on our models – who happen to be real life REALM Empresses.
Joining Ann on camera were PR exec (and REALM Brand Ambassador) Richelle Payne and our very own social media manager Julia Rogers. Thanks, ladies, for showing how you reign in REALM.
Tune in below to watch the full segment. Enjoy!
Team REALM and The Cutting Edge hosts at the RVN TV studio. From left: Ann King Lagos, Julia Rogers, Doreen Creede, Laurel Fairworth, Ellen Barkann and Richelle Payne.
The Cutting Edge covers food, fashion, health, wellness, lifestyle, travel, cool people and innovative ideas, with an emphasis on stories relevant to women ages 45 to 65. Shows air on RVN TV and Apple/Roku Thursdays at 1:30 PM.

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