Fashion is not just about how you look, it’s about how it makes you feel. When you feel fabulous, you look beautiful. Your confidence soars and you feel like you can conquer the world. 

What does it take to feel this way, to have that look of confidence? I believe it is all about looking finished. Accessories are a must and jewelry is the accessory that will always complete your look.  

I had so much fun creating a chain drape with our Everyday Empress Chain Necklace to enhance the simplicity of Gaby and Victoria's tops. The decorative Coronet clasp of this necklace is fabulous as it offers you a variety of styling options. It can link to additional necklaces and to the coordinating bracelets to increase the length of your wrap.

Play with The Shades of REALM metal color finishes to create your own dynamic look. Gaby is wearing two of the 18K Gold with 2 of the Black Ruthenium over Sterling Silver necklaces.

For Victoria, I mixed two of the Sterling Silver necklaces with two of the Black Ruthenium and layered them with the  Coronet Lariat Necklace to extend the silhouette. So fun, so finished and oh so fabulous!

Keeping a more monochromatic palette, I choose to mix different sterling silver textures to complete Gaby's black ensemble by mixing REALM'S collection icons.

Front and center, the Domain Petite Pendant in pavé CZ Noir sparkles and is framed by the Coronet Lariat Chain Necklace. Continuing with the CZ Noir in the Sceptre Petite Pavé hoop, I intensified the sparkle on her wrist with the Sceptre Corset Signature Cuff in CZ Blanc. To punctuates the total look, the Empress Insignia Luxe Ring expresses her power placed on her pointer finger.

Now that's complete confidence.