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FOR REALM JEWELRY founder and designer Ann King Lagos, jewelry is more than just an accessory, it’s a reflection of the owner’s personality.

"I’m inspired by fashion and the women who wear it,” Lagos explains. “I wanted my brand to represent all women and our need to feel empowered and to be our best self, hence the name REALM instead of Ann King Lagos. We’re all in this together!”

Lagos has been designing jewelry for 45 years and understands that each piece should not only look beautiful but feel special. Her rings and bracelets, for instance, have a “silk fit” that feel like velvet when slipped on. Each piece can take more than eight months to create and are meticulously crafted in sterling silver; some with luxury finishes of 18k gold or rose gold vermeil and black ruthenium.

“I like to be relevant to the mood and style of our lives,” Lagos says. “I’m always noticing shapes throughout my day which gives me ideas for new designs. My work is classic, but I enjoy pushing the boundaries with contrasts and movement. For me, this translates into sculptural qualities of the form.”

There are eight REALM collections and each is represented by an iconic symbol with special meaning. Insignia, for instance, is the symbol for family, bond and power. Sceptre symbolizes strength, courage and spirit. The Empress Essentials are the most popular with clients and include three of Ann’s favorite styles – the Domain Portrait Hoop Earring, the Realm Thoughtfully Cuff Bracelet and the Empress Insignia Luxe (which local Philadelphia women have fondly dubbed their friendship ring). The two-tone Tryst collection, featuring python links weaving in and out, will launch this July.

REALM hosts private events in their studio – think girls’ night out and birthday parties – and also collaborates with several local charities and institutions.

“I love creating the whole experience for women and giving to help others,” Lagos says. “We meet such wonderful women and enjoy making it fun for everyone.


I was delighted for Realm to be featured in the Philadelphia Row Home Magazine Summer 2018 edition. They captured the spirit of the brand and the essence of how we came about, what we do and why we do it. I hope you find it a fun and informative read as I did!

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