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Get to Know: CORONET

REALM Jewelry Reign Thoughtfully Cuffs
cor·o·net| kôrəˈnet, | noun |
a small or relatively simple crown


The REALM iconic symbol for Honor + Acclamation + Joy

In design and intention, each piece of REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry tells a story about how we live our lives, how we support and champion each other, how we reign in our realms.


CORONET, the crown of REALM,
inspires us to lead with love
and live with joy. 


As with all our collection icons, CORONET is taken from an element of the DOMAIN icon, which represents all women.  Inspired by a woman's sensuous curves, CORONET features a triangular soft pillow that spirals inward to become the "crown" of REALM.


"I had so much fun creating CORONET.  After all, as Empresses we all need a crown!"

— REALM Founder + Designer
Ann King Lagos


CORONET Chain Necklaces in our four precious metal Shades of REALM.

 CORONET Quest Earring

CORONET Bullet Hoop Earring

Look for CORONET's triumphant symbol in our iconic Reign Thoughtfully Cuff Bracelet, which offers a gentle reminder to be both strong and kind as you reign in your realm.



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