What we’re wearing and sharing right now at REALM.

This month at REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry we’re wearing intriguing mixes of metals and sharing our unique combo of gorgeous jewelry with beautiful meaning. Our November campaign stars businesswoman and customer (we call you Empresses) Sharon E.  Though stunning, she is NOT a professional model!  We thank Sharon for helping us highlight how REALM is Versatile, Meaningful and most of all YOURS. Enjoy the Edit!


Gorgeous jewelry…
beautiful meaning



REALM is… Versatile
4 Luscious Metal Colorways
Every piece of our jewelry begins with a base of solid Sterling Silver that is nickel allergy-free. We then add overlays of 18K Gold Vermeil, 18K Rose Gold Vermeil and Black Ruthenium, a platinum alloy, to give your wardrobe versatility. We call these The Shades of REALMMix... match... make them yours.


Styling Tip: Mix Up Your Metals

"Mixing metals is fun and gives new life to your existing wardrobe.  Pairing Gold + Black Ruthenium is magical for Fall.  You will feel and look oh so chic!"

- REALM Founder + Designer
Ann King Lagos

REALM is... Meaningful
8 Collections with Style + Soul
In both design and symbolism, our collections celebrate the many aspects of being a woman. Connect with the deeper meaning or simply choose a style you love. Visit our new Collections Page to explore all eight collections:  Domain. Insignia, Coronet. Empire. Sceptre, Tryst. Vanity and Victorious.

    REALM is... Yours
    Infinite Ways to Flaunt Your Style
    Mix or match metals. Select one statement piece or pile on layers. Any way you "own it," REALM offers infinite ways to flaunt YOUR style.

    Behind the Scenes of our November Photo Shoot
    Our founder and designer Ann King Lagos styles November campaign star / Real Woman of REALM Sharon Edrei. In banner pic above Sharon wears a Paisley Velvet Suit courtesy Nicole Miller Manayunk.  Look for more about Sharon in an upcoming RWR interview.